Wednesday, July 15, 2015

4 Ways to Save Money Around the House

4 Ways to Save Money Around the House

We are mid way through July, can you believe it? And like any month, you surely have upcoming bills to pay; whether those are car payments, mortgages, insurance, legal bills.
Below is a list of four methods that will help you save some money for the second half of 2015.

1.)    Utilities:
Utility bills are probably the most controllable of all household expenditures. Simple steps of making sure all the lights, televisions, computers and other electronics are turned off can go a long way in helping you save $5-$10 a month. However, the real culprit is the water heater. Simply adjusting its setting to 120 degrees can typically save you $35 or more per month. That is $420 per year and should be enough to get your attention!

2.)    Insurance Premiums
It should be no secret to you that insurance companies are very profitable. How are they profitable? The main reason is because they rely on consumers lacking knowledge about how they operate. So they typically do not face any competition once a user is on their website. How does the free market respond? With comparison websites that pit insurance companies against one another. One such site pits insurance carriers against one another. Delivering the most beneficial price to the end consumer. Compare auto insurance now!

3.)    Garage Sale
Probably the most obvious on the list, yet many people still do not take advantage of it. If you are skeptical of having random strangers rummaging through your belongings you may always attempt to be a community organizer and set up a neighborhood garage sale which will undoubtedly net you the best return. If you have larger and more valuable items then there is always For the unsellable clutter you can always give it away to Goodwill or if you do not have means to transport it call a local junk removal company. If you’ve happened to hoard electronics over the years you may actually be in luck as various companies will buy your old electronics. If you don’t want to roll the dice with craigslist on electronics then there is always eBay and uSell.

4.)    Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Okay so by now you have probably seen these all over the place at stores like home depot. Most likely they are packed beautifully, meaning they are more expensive and most likely branded with the green energy symbol. The question you should ask yourself how much can I possibly save by using a green lightbulb? The answer is astonishing. According to a study by MNN, users can save up to $10,000 over a ten year period. That number speaks volumes and if that doesn’t make you think twice I don’t know what will. 

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